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Below is a collection of materials mentioned in today's PD on using restorative practices to address conflict in our schools. CT-N Video of JJPOC Presentation Juvenile Justice Policy & Oversight Committee Informational Forum on Recidivism and Adolescent Brain Development NPR Segment on Cognitive Behavior Therapy "Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Rethink Crime" Video on Big Brother's Advice DJ Bautiste "Words Have Power" IIRP Defining Restorative Video Highlight Chicago School's RP Efforts "A Restorative Approach to Discipline" Video of Principal Discussing Bullying A Story About Restorative Practice in School Video of Reentry Circle in Oakland Restorative Welcome and Re-entry Circle Short Video on Circle to Resolve Conflict "From Hostility To Harmony" Additional support: Teaching with the Heart and Mind: Affect in the Restorative School Documentary on a Restorative Conference "Burning Bridges" A Guide to Restorative Conversations Peter Block "Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community"
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