Rediker and State Reports

PSIS, Register and Unregister

  1. All Codes document - the full reference from the State on PSIS, Register, and Unregister. Includes links to Language Codes, Facility Codes, and everything you need to comply with State Reporting guidelines.
  2. Exit Type and Exit Status - explanation of these codes.
  3. Click here for Middletown Rediker Procedures Information on adding, inactivating, and transferring students and more.
  4. List of Rediker Error Checks - these checks are run against the Rediker database weekly

ED 165 - School Improvement

  1. Check for Truants with Rediker Attendance Report Writer

Rediker - Local School Version

  1. Use Advanced Lookup to create Excel files
  2. Discipline: Run Penalty Reports
  3. Attendance: Run monthly Attendance report

Rediker - District Control Version

  1. Print Labels, normal and with query

Contact Michael Skott 860-638-1461 or Kathy Bengtson 860-638-1405 if you have any questions...