CFA - Common Formative Assessments

Description of CFA Basic Training

IV. Common Formative Assessments - Basic Training

The purpose of this two-day basic training is to build the knowledge and skills of educators on how to develop common formative assessments to inform instruction. Common formative assessments are periodic or interim assessments that are administered to all students in a grade level or course several times during the quarter, semester, trimester, or entire school year. Participating teachers analyze student assessment results in Data Teams to plan and differentiate instruction. Such results provide predictive value as to how students are likely to do on each succeeding assessment in time for teachers to make instructional modifications.

During this interactive seminar, participants will:

  • Learn the value of, and how to use, common formative assessments to inform instruction;
  • learn general guidelines for effective item writing;
  • develop selected-response and constructed-response common formative assessments items that are aligned to standards and expected learning outcomes;
  • create scoring instruments to accompany items; and
  • understand how to use common formative assessments in the Data Team process.