Tools for Schools

Tools for Schools

Welcome to the Tools for Schools webpage! Below is the information specific to each area of the Indoor Air Quality Management Plan. After finding your specific job area, please be sure to read the Background Information related to your checklist prior to filling out and submitting the checklist via SurveyMonkey. If you need to see a paper copy of any documents included on this website, each school will have an Indoor Air Quality Toolkit located in the Main Office for your reference. If you have any questions regarding the surveys or website, please contact Leaya George at

School Officials (Central Office Staff)

School Officials Background Information

School Official's Checklist

Additional Information from the EPA website for School Officials

Administrative Staff (Principals or Secretaries)

Administrative Staff Background Information

Administrative Staff Checklist

Health Officer/ School Nurses

Health Officer/ Schools Nurses Background Information

Health Officer/ School Nurses Checklist

Additional Information from the EPA website for School Health Care Professionals

Food Service

Background Information

Food Service Checklist


Please find your school's name and click on it; this will lead you to a specific "Teachers Checklist" for your school. Note that the "Teachers Background Information" is the same for all 11 schools.

Background Information

Additional Information from the EPA website for Teachers

Elementary Schools

Bielefield Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Farm Hill Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Lawrence Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Macdonough Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Moody Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Snow Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Spencer Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Wesley Elementary School Teachers Checklist

Secondary Schools

Keigwin Middle School Teachers Checklist

Woodrow Wilson Middle School Teachers Checklist

Middletown High School Teachers Checklist

Building Superintendent/ Maintenance Staff/ Facilities Central Office

Please note that there are six checklists to fill out and submit in this section, depending on what area you work in. Some questions may be repeated on different checklists, but please answer the question each time it is asked. Please ask your Building Superintendent if you have any questions. The job title of the person who is supposed to fill out the survey is listed next to each type of checklist.

Additional Information for Facilities Staff

Building and Grounds Maintenance (Building Superintendents)

Background Information


IPM (Integrated Pest Management) (Director of Facilities)

Background Information


Renovation and Repairs (Director of Facilities)

Background Information


Ventilation (TBA)

Background Information

Checklist (TBA)

Waste Management (Building Superintendents)

Background Information

Waste Management Checklist

Walkthrough Inspection (TfS Building Teams, Building Superintendent and City Sanitarian, together)

Note: Please do not fill out this survey until after the second training session is completed in February.

Background Information

Walkthrough Inspection Checklist

Student Involvement in the Tools for Schools Program (K-12)

Lesson Plan Ideas from the EPA
(Additional Ideas and Resources TBA)

Tools for Schools Building Team Resources

Entire Online Version of the Tools for Schools Action Kit (many of the Maintenance Checklists and Food Service Checklist are available in both English and Spanish)
- Also contains an online version of the "Problem Solving Wheel"

Developing your IAQ Management Plan

Solutions to Common IAQ Issues

Controlling Pollutants and Sources (Facilities Staff)

District Contact List of Tools for Schools Building Team Members (TBA)

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