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Please follow the tabs along the left-hand side of this page for more information on YSB activities, initiatives, and events. The Middletown Youth Services Bureau office is located on 372 Hunting Hill Avenue (former site of MHS VoAg Dept) and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Middletown's Youth Services Bureau (MYSB) was established in 1978 by the City of Middletown to create a centralized office that could refer youth to local services, identify and fill gaps in those services, as well as work to improve overall community conditions related to youth.

The role of Youth Service Bureaus is to serve as an advocate for youth and is dictated by state statute "as the coordinating unit of community-based services to provide comprehensive delivery of prevention, intervention, treatment and follow-up services" for children and youth. These services are designed to "meet the needs of youth by the diversion of troubled youth from the justice system as well as by the provision of opportunities for all youth to function as responsible members of their communities" (C.G.S. section 10-19m; see Appendix A).

A YSB is a non-coercive, independent public agency established to divert children and youth from the justice system by:

  • Mobilize community resources to solve youth problems
  • Strengthen existing youth resources and develop new ones
  • Promote positive programs to remedy delinquency breeding conditions

The YSBs have a broader scope of service than most other youth-serving agencies. In addition to providing direct services like other agencies, YSBs are responsible for assessing the needs of youth, identifying gaps in services, and coordinating services for youth in order to fill gaps and avoid duplication of services. MYSB works cooperatively with school personnel, police, community resources, youth and parents to coordinate both systems and services focused on collaborations that solve community level issues.

Did you know we have a brand new site to help Middletown youth and families connect to all the great programs and services our community has to offer? Visit MY Connections and search by keyword or by a number of advanced features including age, gender, season, and more!

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Middletown Youth Services Bureau

372 Hunting Hill Avenue
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