Assets Community Team Logo Contest


The assets are alll about empowering our youth, so in line with that, why would we hire a professional to graphic artist to create a logo for the Asset Community Team when we have so many talented young artists here in Middletown? So that is exactly what we did, as we selected one talented high school student to work along side a professional graphic designer and create the logo together. Student Juan Ortiz (MHS Class of 2007) was selected to develope the logo with assistance from graphic desinger Troy Monroe (MHS Class of 1999) of Studio Icognito and with support from Middlesex Community College who allowed full access to their Mac Computer Lab. Over the course of the day, Troy taught Juan the process of creating a logo while also teaching him how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, skills that Juan will be using in college. Initial uses of the logo will include the folders for the asset forums, t-shirts for youth workshops, and bumper stickers.