Student Asset Specialists

students in classThe Assets Community Team has made considerable efforts to help young people thrive by training students to be at the forefront of the assets initiative. These students leaders have been titled Student Asset Specialists and have been essential to moving the initiative to the next level.

During a spring workshop, over 40 high school students were the first in their community to view the results of the Search Institute's Profiles of Student Life Survey, taken by all students in grades 7-12 and tracks assets in the community. They were asked to identify which results made them proud and which were areas of concern. The students presented their findings to the community a week later. This was one of the first times the results of the survey were released by students anywhere in the country, which was praised by the Search Institute, founders of the Developmental Assets.

Later that spring the same group of students were brought back together to take part in furthering their expertise around assets. The lunch time session called "Chat and Chews" were held over the course of the four lunch periods and focused on the eight specific asset categories. Each student picked a category that they felt most passionate about and began the process of exploring those assets at a deeper level.

Chat and Chews are continually being held at Middletown High School in an effort to better understand youth issues and for students to have an opportunity to discuss what is important to them. Information from the sessions have been used to develop articles for the developmental assets newsletters.