Middletown Substance Abuse Prevention Council


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Youth Services Bureau Coordinator Justin Carbonella serves as the co-chair along with the Rushford Center's Felicia Goodwine-Vaughters for our community's local prevention council. Local Prevention Councils are conceived as being advisory and coordinative in nature and reflective of each community's culturally rich diversity. It is expected that each LPCP Grant demonstrate an understanding of the value of representation reflecting (racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, disability, language, social, political, and economic) diversity. It is strongly suggested that LPCs include representation from professionals working in the prevention field in general and ATOD abuse prevention in particular, including representation from volunteer groups and city/town agencies.

The major goal of the local prevention councils are to enhance and facilitate local involvement in the development and implementation of primary prevention activities that focus on all stages of human development. While the range of potential community development and prevention activities is broad, alcohol, tabacoo and other drug (ATOD) prevention aims at keeping the many problems related to the use and abuse of these substances from occurring.

Additionally, prevention seeks to alter the environment of the individual so that ATOD abuse will not occur, thereby reducing the numbers of individuals who will experience negative consequences from use of ATOD. Therefore, in offering prevention activities, it is essential to consider cultural factors. This grant program is designed to: 1) support the on-going prevention activities of established LPCs; 2) support specific prevention projects of LPCs; and 3) support activities that increase public awareness of the problem of ATOD use and abuse including historically underserved populations.