Youth Resources

Scope of Community Services

The following is a non-exhaustive overview of the wide scope of services that MYSB offers to the Middletown community. Click on any of the links below or along the left for more information:

Facilitation, Coordination, & Convening

Local Implementation Service Team & Greater Middletown Community Collaborative

Chair meeting of on behalf of Connecticut Court Support Services Division and Department of Children and Families to help develop a better juvenile justice system for the Middletown Court District. This meeting was then merged with the mental health collaborative to better inform and partner the two systems creating a better network of care for kids in crisis or trending toward crisis. Middletown was the first community to do so and is becoming a model for broader partnership.

  • Middletown High School Family With Service Needs Diversion Team

Meeting created to help bridge work of LIST/GMCC to the schools. Has helped reduce the number of Family With Service Need (status offense such as truancy, defiance, out of control behavior) referrals in Middletown while ensuring that young people are getting services earlier (as opposed to waiting until they hit the point of crisis).

  • Service Review Team

Process built from the GMCC/LIST aimed at giving families a venue to express their needs and be pointed in the direction of services that may assist. Coordinated by UCFS and MYSB staff, the SRT helps convene a group of service provides to sit with a family and collectively come up with a plan to support the youth in need.

Middletown Substance Abuse Prevention Council

Co-Chairs meeting of community prevention and youth development providers to help reduce the numbers of young people who engage is risk taking behavior, most notably drugs and alcohol.

Youth Services Bureau Advisory Board

Board mandated by state statute and constructed via city ordinance made of community members and key sector appointments that help guide the YSB in addressing community issues related to youth and families.

Initiative Based Work

40 Developmental Assets

Middletown's commitment to making a better community for our youth to grow up in connects directly to the 40 Developmental Assets as a framework to monitor and measure our progress working towards that goal. This is a community-wide initiative that maintains that all sectors have a role and responsibility to support and engage our youth.

-(Middletown Youth) MY Connections

A searchable directory for Middletown's youth development and support programs aimed at ensuring that kids and families get the most out of what our community offers.

-Make Time

A partnership with NoRA Cupcake that looks to link community leaders with a group of local teens to do strategic planning around a community issue. The baking of the cupcakes creates a safe and comfortable space for the youth and adult(s) to engage.

- Films on Foss

A movie series launched in the summer of 2015 in partnership with the City of Middletown and Wesleyan University. The event itself was the brainchild of the Mayoral Youth Cabinet and built out of our 40 Developmental Assets initiative.

-Teen Tuesdays

A program created by Middletown teens allowing a 15% discount at over 20 local businesses.

-Asset Builder of the Year Awards Ceremony

Premiered in the spring of 2013 will be an annual ceremony to celebrate individuals and groups in Middletown who are doing great things for kids.

-Educational Incentive Challenge Grant Trainings

Mandated trainings for all programs receiving funds through the city's Educational Incentive Challenge Grant. Programs are also required to create a Developmental Assets action plan which focuses on key assets identified by youth and/or community leaders.

Right Response

Cross sector team consisting of school, police, community providers, and advocates to address the issue of school based arrests and create policy and programs that will minimize the use of arrests for school behavior issues and support young people who are deemed "chronically behavioral".

National League of Cities: Engaging Elected Officials in Juvenile Justice Reform

Partnership between NLC and the Connecticut Youth Services Association aimed at improving the juvenile justice system in Middletown.

Direct Service - Programs offered by MYSB are both targeted and non-duplicative.

Juvenile Review Board:

Program/process offered to all first time offenders in Middletown. Requires family to go through a formal assessment and meet in front of a panel of community members and youth serving professionals. Board looks to not only hold kids accountable but connect youth to services that will help assure that another run in with the law does not happen.

Finding Your Way:

Offered to all JRB students and co-facilitated by Empower Action Sports. Program teaches life skills such as self-advocacy, frustration tolerance, decision making, and problem solving through adventure-based, experiential learning exercises.

Dragons In Action:

Community service and leadership group at Middletown High School. Also serves as the statutorily mandated student advisory council.

Mayors Youth Cabinet

New partnership with Mayor Drew. Group will meet monthly with Mayor and will be generating a number of community projects.

Youth In Government

Oversee the placement of young people who are appointed to boards and commissions throughout local government.

Summer Work Program

Oversee the placement of young people in City Hall for summer employment within various departments.

Participatory Action Research:

Research based program that builds leadership skills while working on improving a community issue of the group's choice.

Freshman Transitional Program (aka The Bridge Program)

Group formed to support the transition into 9th grade for a group of very at-risk and chronically behavioral females.

Girls Group at Bielefield Elementary

Response to a small group of chronically behavioral girls in the 4th and 5th grade. Uses elements from Girls Circle curriculum and Scholars Academy curriculum.

Wonder Woman

Group formed at WWMS for 7th and 8th grade females using the Girls Circle curriculum.

Scholars Academy

Eight session course for 4th and 5th graders to assist in the transition to middle school and run by high school students (with support from YSB staff).

Public Awareness, Education, and Capacity Building - offered out to the community or by request to Middletown groups/organizations

IIRP Restorative Practices Workshop

Two day workshop licensed by the International Institute of Restorative Practices include Intro to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively.

Infusing Restorative Practices into Juvenile Review Boards

One hour presentation on Middletown's path to having a more restorative Juvenile Review Board.

Social Media for Teens

Internet privacy and online identity presentation helping young people to better differentiate between their individual assessment of online privacy and that of the real world. Promotes responsible social media usage and builds skills to better "online citizens".

Trends in Social Media for Parents/Providers

Presentation helping parents and youth serving individuals better understand the behaviors and trends of young people who use the internet.

40 Developmental Assets

Presentation explaining the 40 Assets and how any organization or group of people can become more intentional in their youth engagement. Presentations can range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

Building Youth Voice

Presentation on how to use youth development frameworks to engage young people in policy decisions and other community conversations.

Peer Mentoring Training

Built to assist high school students hired as peer mentors in the BOE's 21st Century Community Learning Center after school programs. Focus is on Erikson's Stages of Development and how older peers can help guide young people through each stage.

Events and Workshops

Films on Foss

A movie series launched in the summer of 2015 in partnership with the City of Middletown and Wesleyan University. The event itself was the brainchild of the Mayoral Youth Cabinet and built out of our 40 Developmental Assets initiative.

College Life Workshop

Annual workshop features a panel of recent Middletown High School graduates who return to MHS to discuss the successes and pitfalls of their freshman year in college to members of the current senior class.

Connect the Dots

Annual event, now hosted at NORA Cupcake, features a "speed dating" format that connects Middletown teens with the Middlesex United Way's Young Leaders Society. The purpose of the connections to help advise the students on college and career planning using the past experiences and knowledge of the Young Leaders on how they progressed through their schooling and careers.