The Boys-Mentoring Program

In Febrauary of 2007 a brand new mentoring program was introduced at Bielefield Elementary School. Every Friday afternoon, four teenaged males from Middletown High School would drive over to Bielefield Elementary School to serve as mentors for four 4th grade boys. The program focused on achievement motivation, honesty, and responsibility. Each visit began with a group discussion on a certain topic and was followed by a recreational activity of the 4th graders choice. The program culminated with the creation of a rap song in which each of one of the 4th graders wrote a verse that focused on what each of the boys wanted to be when they grew up and what it will take to get there. The song, which has yet to be titled, was recorded professionally at the Green Street Arts Center and will be included in the assets themed CD project that is scheduled for release in the fall of 2007.