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City of Middletown

Youth in Government Program /

Mayoral Youth Cabinet

Beginning in 2007, the City of Middletown introduced an exciting opportunity for youth in their community. The Youth in Government initiative, along with being an extremely unique program, relates to the key developmental need for youth to be valued and provided with meaningful roles in their community. Empowering youth in government reinforces this need and provides opportunities that will promote a life-long commitment to civic engagement. It also addresses a key Developmental Asset that is lacking in our community. In a recent survey of Middletown youth, it was brought to the community's attention that only 17% of Middletown youth feel valued by the community. The Youth in Government program was put into place in order to purposefully and intentionally address the above issue.

The Mayor is authorized to appoint youth representatives who are Middletown residents, ages 13 to 18 on boards, committees, and commissions, for one-year terms, beginning on July 1 of each year. All youth members shall be able to and are encouraged to participate in discussion of the issues, however, because of their age they are not permitted to vote.

The Middletown Youth Services Bureau assists the Mayor in recruitment as well as training and support of students throughout their term. Students are recruited through schools guidance departments, civics teachers, other recommendations, and word of mouth by students. Schools and teachers are asked to nominate student leaders as well as students who may not have been given such an opportunity in the past but could rise to the occasion. The Boards and Commissions which are involved with this program are:

  • Board of Health
  • Cable Advisory Committee
  • Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Design Review and Preservation
  • Long Hill Estate Authority
  • Middletown Commission on the Arts
  • Middletown School Readiness Council
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Redevelopment Agency
  • Youth Services Advisory Board
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Committee Concerning People with Disabilities

An application for the 2015/16 YIG program can be found HERE (word doc). A description of participating boards and commissions can be found HERE.

In addition to the above, we are proud to announce a new opportunity for Middletown teens to gain direct access to our chief elected official. Starting the fall of 2013, Mayor Daniel T. Drew has agreed to establish a Mayoral Youth Cabinet to help create a communication bridge between city youth and his office. The cabinet is open to any young person who lives in and/or attends a Middletown school.

An application for the program can be found HERE. A write up from the Middletown Press detailing the program and the process used to develop it can be found HERE.

(If there are any issues downloading the application, please email [email protected])