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New Bylaws were approved.
Round table discussions on the following:
Why did you choose to become involved in your child's school?
To be better informed
To know what is happening in the classroom
To make friends; support; to network
To keep programs running
Because statistics show that increased parent involvement improves student outcomes
To set a positive example for children; help their self esteem; set an example of volunteerism
Be part of decision making process
"Because I was asked"-personal invitation - Research shows that this is the number one reason parents get involved!
What is the best part of being a volunteer?
Satisfaction in helping the school
Enjoyment in watching the children at the events/programs
All the friends made over the years
Getting involved, being part of a group
Being informed
Feeling empowered, becoming more visible in school
Setting an example for children
Volunteer Survey which breaks down volunteer's commitment - time, explanation of task (Wesley will forward) - some parents are afraid they will not be able to do the task
Help build your resume
Networking and job opportunities
What is the most frustrating?
People "expecting" some people to take charge
Everyone wants the events but not a sense of shared leadership/responsibility
Motivating people to get involved
Ideas and Needs are more numerous than people involved
Lack of money
Not being able to see a project to completion
People not always doing what they say they will
How are encouraging future leaders?
Leading by example
Resource vs. Leader
Educating parents/families of benefits
Website/blog w/resources
Value people and their time/recognition
Communicating information, sharing results and the positive impact on school and community
Sharing alternative ways to volunteer
Grade level sponsored events
Parents mentoring other parents
Offering childcare for all children
What have you done to encourage membership?
Lemon ice social (discount for members)
Recruit at orientation
Send kids home w/stickers on days of meetings
Punch card for participation with prizes
Personal phone calls
Piggy-backing events
Make it FUN to come out
Honeywell system
Lecture series
Offer babysitting
Lower priced events
Dad events ex: sports night
Repeat popular events
Host events on different nights/times ex. Morning event
Ice breakers-introductions
Door prizes
Do business at end
Stick to agenda/have a timekeeper
Officers sit at different tables
Hold meeting in the round - can see all faces
Grade Level focus with teachers presenting by grade level each month

Let's Bring Back MSA
Monday, March 1, 2010, 6:30 pm
Board of Ed


Attendees: Donna Marino (Partnership Coordinator), Sally Boske (CT PTA), Sheila Daniels (BOE), Justin Carbonella (Youth Services) Jennifer Alexander (Macdonough), Marilyn Dunkley (Macdonough), Tateisha Bond (Moody), Heather Haouchine (Spencer), Beverly Lawrence (Wesley) Lisa Schuerholz-Winters (MHS)

MSA History/Background : Below and discussed by group:

  • MSA past subcommittees included: Cultural, grants, legislative, budget, policy.
  • Some MSA success stories/accomplishments:
    • o BOE charter change from elections every 2 years to 4years with staggered terms

      o Wrote first Parent Involvement Policy in the state

      o Held/organized BOE candidate forums

      o Parents from MSA wrote the school's first technology plan

      o Helped to successfully pass many new school building referendums

      o Testified many times before common council and the BOE as a unified group

  • Networking/sharing of best practices among all schools
  • Administration has gone to this group to find parents to serve on committees such as hiring, policy, budget…
  • Superintendents, BOE members and other administrators have attended meetings
  • Discussions are two-way with the BOE and Administration
  • Some topics from the past include: Busses, Budget, Policy, Technology in the schools, redistricting, school safety, school climate, curriculum areas, PTA membership best practices…
  • Possible topics for future discussion:

  • Feasibility study /new school lines/welcoming
  • Set for next meeting on March 22
  • Sally Boske, chair of this committee will present
  • Sally will invite administration
  • Nominating Committee:

  • Justin Carbonella (Chair), Tateisha Bond, Marilyn Dunkley, Heather Haouchine
  • Committee will be contacting individuals interested in running for office, please contact a member of the committee if you are interested
  • Elections will take place at the March 22 meeting at 6:30 pm
  • CT PTA will send a representative to run the elections.

Next Meeting Date:

March 22 at 6:30pm in the Snow School Auditorium

Child care will be available

Future Possible Agenda Items: Budget, CMT/CAPT Scores, Welcoming Schools