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Communicate, Problem Solve, Negotiate, Write grants, Learn about your community

Who should enroll?

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Early, Before & After Care Providers

ANYONE who CARES about children

For more information about VFF or other Parent Leadership programs please call: 860-310-7778 or office: 860-638-1463, email: [email protected] or fill out and mail the slip below. Once your information has been received you will be contacted by the Parent Leadership Office to complete the registration process.Thank you!

Topics Include:

Communication: Identify your communication style, the impact your style has on
others and learn positive alternatives which will improve your presentation.

Diversity: Become keenly aware of prejudices we all carry; racial, socio-economical, or other. Learn to build better coalitions through inclusion.

Defining a Problem: Identify a problem, critical analysis of root causes and potential remedies.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiation and
consensus building skills.

Bridges and Barricades: How is a community defined, what are the available/existing resources, how do you access resources, and what do you do if you need resources that may not exist?

Mentors: Meet Mentors within the

Board of Education & the School
System: Learn roles of the Board of Education and school administration, how to become a member of the Board, and how to present ideas.

City & State Governments: Learn about city government and administration, who are the elected /hired/appointed officials, precincts, who to call for which problems, CT government, legislature, districts, elections, which state agencies are responsible for which areas, how to access your legislators, etc.

Budgets, Accountability & Outcomes: Budgets, packaging agendas, how do budgets drive programming, who's accountable, what types of success/outcome measures do agencies use to show accountability to funding sources?

Grant Writing: Learn the process of Grant writing and development, technical aspects and statistical

Media & Packaging Agendas: Use and access of the media, how it can be used and misused as a tool to create change and packaging agendas.

Computer &Technology Skills: computer skills, Internet use, applying computer skills to a project.





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Middletown Public Schools, Parent Leadership Office, 311 Hunting Hill Avenue, Middletown, CT 06457