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Communicate, Problem Solve, Negotiate, Write grants, Learn about your community

Who should enroll?

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Early, Before & After Care Providers

ANYONE who CARES about children

For more information about VFF or other Parent Leadership programs please call: 860-310-7778 or office: 860-638-1463, email: PLTI@mpsct.org or fill out and mail the slip below. Once your information has been received you will be contacted by the Parent Leadership Office to complete the registration process.Thank you!

Topics Include:

Communication: Identify your communication style, the impact your style has on
others and learn positive alternatives which will improve your presentation.

Diversity: Become keenly aware of prejudices we all carry; racial, socio-economical, or other. Learn to build better coalitions through inclusion.

Defining a Problem: Identify a problem, critical analysis of root causes and potential remedies.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiation and
consensus building skills.

Bridges and Barricades: How is a community defined, what are the available/existing resources, how do you access resources, and what do you do if you need resources that may not exist?

Mentors: Meet Mentors within the

Board of Education & the School
System: Learn roles of the Board of Education and school administration, how to become a member of the Board, and how to present ideas.

City & State Governments: Learn about city government and administration, who are the elected /hired/appointed officials, precincts, who to call for which problems, CT government, legislature, districts, elections, which state agencies are responsible for which areas, how to access your legislators, etc.

Budgets, Accountability & Outcomes: Budgets, packaging agendas, how do budgets drive programming, who's accountable, what types of success/outcome measures do agencies use to show accountability to funding sources?

Grant Writing: Learn the process of Grant writing and development, technical aspects and statistical

Media & Packaging Agendas: Use and access of the media, how it can be used and misused as a tool to create change and packaging agendas.

Computer &Technology Skills: computer skills, Internet use, applying computer skills to a project.





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Middletown Public Schools, Parent Leadership Office, 311 Hunting Hill Avenue, Middletown, CT 06457