Volunteer Opportunities

PARENTS ASSIST TEACHERS (PAT) Assist secretary, principal, and school staff with typing, copying, collating, laminating, bulletin boards.
COMPUTERS Assist students in independent work on the computer.
LIBERTY BANK BANKING A school saving program offered in conjunction with Liberty Bank, where volunteers act as tellers to collect student's money for saving.
SAFETY CALL BACK An attendance check for students who are not at school and parental notification was not received.
LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS Reading stories to students, preparing catalogs.
BOOK MOMS TO RUSSELL Assist with obtaining books for a special project/theme.
OFFICE VOLUNTEERS Answering office phones, assist with typing.
SCHOOL STORE School supplies sold, teaches children how to handle money and save for future purchases.
CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERS Read to or listen to students read out loud, help children prepare for a meaningful "Show and Tell", assist in preparing for special projects.
MENTOR PROGRAM Program in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce aimed at improving self esteem of selected students by forming a partnership with an individual from the business community. The pair may have lunch,play a game or read a book.
SCHOOL BUSINESS PARTNER The business will offer varied assistance to the school in areas such as reading, writing, copying, volunteers, and special programs to benefit the students.

* for more information contact a School Principal or Donna Marino, Parent Resource Coordinator: 638-1462, [email protected]