Contractor Hire Procedure

Middletown Public Schools requires all contractors to complete the following before being allowed to begin working in any capacity:

  1. In lieu of fingerprinting, a contractor can complete the SSCI background screening form. They will need to pay the full cost of the screening, which is $18.50. This is to be made payable to the Middletown Board of Education by personal check, certified bank check or money order only. Cash is not accepted.


  2. Complete the DCF Authorization for Release of Information Form


  3. Complete the Contractor Verification Form as required by Public Act 16-67 


  4. Complete a Personal/Emergency Contact Form


All paperwork must be received and processed by the Human Resources Department before beginning work for Middletown Public Schools. Please make an appointment to process your paperwork at (860) 638-1402.

Be sure to check with the Business Office to complete appropriate vendor paperwork.