Technology Services


District Vision

All students will be provided with an innovative and equitable education; helping students develop skills and knowledge needed to be successful in an increasingly changing, digital world.


Statement of Leadership

The guiding principle behind our technology plan is to unlock the potential for all students as they prepare for the 21st Century by the time they leave the Middle Schools. This invariably requires the successful use and integration of technology resources in a safe, responsible, and productive manner.

During the 2017-18 school year Middletown Public Schools adopted our strategic operating plan: Middletown 2021: Keys to Innovation and Equity. The district plan provides a comprehensive blueprint around equity, innovation, and improvement; to close the achievement gap. The district strategic operating plan is designed for all district departments to work towards convergence to accomplish the district's goal of unlocking the potential of each student. One of the key points is to make sure everything is focused on the most important customer, our students.