Information Technology

Information Technology


The Middletown Public Schools' IT Department is responsible for the technology needs of the school district.


In his introduction to the Visions 2020 Report, former Secretary of Education Dr. Rod Paige noted, "Indeed, education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology. Schools remain unchanged for the most part despite numerous reforms and increased investments in computers and networks. The way we organize schools and provide instruction is essentially the same as it was when our Founding Fathers went to school. Put another way, we still educate our students based on an agricultural timetable, in an industrial setting, but tell students they live in a digital age."

Our Vision:

Technology lends itself well to learning and instruction because it is a powerful tool that, when properly implemented, improves student learning and achievement. Teachers, however, have little incentive to tackle the technical and scheduling problems associated with technology initiatives unless they have a clear idea of how it can improve teaching and learning. Exactly which educational goals a technology plan should address and attempt to accomplish must be determined before the technology plan is implemented.

Technology should never drive educational decisions or learning; rather the learning & teaching needs of the student must drive the integration process. To assume that the technology on its own will create integration is myopic. Unless teachers start out with specific technology goals that support their vision of learning, technology will most likely be used to just reinforce the status quo. Curriculum & technology must amalgamate through relevant initial training and ongoing embedded support.

Our Mission:
  • Strong Infrastructure: The foundation of any Enterprise is a stable, secure infrastructure, capable of handling the daily tasks required of it.
  • Technical Support: A computer is only a useful tool when it works properly. Our goal is to respond to helpdesk tickets in a timely manner so impacts are minimal. Most tickets are closed in less than 1-week!
  • Classroom Integration: We routinely offer Educational Technology workshops throughout the year to help teachers augment teaching & learning with the latest technology resources we have available. Click on the PD link below for latest offerings!

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-Michael Skott, Director of Technology Services