Google / SharePoint

Google Apps for Education

The Middletown Public Schools has begun using Google Apps for Education. Google Apps for Education is a platform used by school districts throughout Connecticut and the world to allow for document collaboration by staff as well as creating a digital classroom environment for teachers and students. Below is a playlist of 6 YouTube videos on Going Google.

Google Apps for Education has many tools available for you to use:

  • Drive - Save work files in Drive, access them from any device and share them instantly. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.
  • Docs, Sheets, Slides - Create and edit docs, spreadsheets, and presentations right in your browser. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically.
  • Classroom - Create, share, and grade assignments with ease. Classroom helps you keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. (this will only work when students have MPS Google Apps for Education Accounts)
  • Gmail - We are NOT going to be switching to Gmail at this time for email. This feature is disabled for all users at this time.

Here are links to the Google Staff and Student Login Pages.

You can login to our Google site either through the links below or the link in the top right of any Google page.

Google Staff Login Page

Google Student Login Page

Curriculum Documentation

All curriculum documentation that was on Microsoft SharePoint is also located in our Google site. We have software that syncs the documents between both platforms. This sync will be in place as we make our transition to Google Apps for Education.

To access our curriculum documentation in Google please go to this site, you will have to be logged in to your Google account to access this site.

What is Microsoft SharePoint and Office365?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web based system that makes it easier for people to manage & share documents from anywhere. Using SharePoint, teachers can upload documents to take between home and school. It also allows you to share & collaborate on documents with others. You can upload existing files and even edit them directly in the browser using Office365, whether the computer you're using has Microsoft Office installed or not! Over the 2012 Summer we finished implementing the full SharePoint site hosted by Microsoft. Each Teacher and Administrator now has full access to a large SharePoint space in the cloud, ready for use!

To begin, click the link below. Be sure to use your EMAIL ADDRESS ( for your username.

CLICK HERE to access Microsoft SharePoint Server (Authorized Access Only)