Systems & Network Outages

Current Status:
CT Education Network: ONLINE
CT Education Network

Live District Internet Traffic:

Green = Inbound traffic,Blue = outbound traffic

Live SPAM Traffic (Hourly):
Live SPAM Traffic (Hourly):
Green = Allowed Email Red = Blocked as SPAM

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance:

Date & Time of work TBD
Item(s) affected TBD
Duration of downtime TBD
Discussion Next upcoming maintenance will be an upgrade to a new MPS Email system! Details will be posted as needed.

Last major service interruption:

Time of problem 3:33pm 5/9/2012 to 12:15pm 5/10/2012
Item affected Primary Internet Service - unplanned outage.
Description of problem The district's primary internet service provider, the CT Education Network (CEN) had an unplanned outage.
Cause 200 strands of fiber lines were damaged on utility pole.
Solution MPS IT Dept switched the district to secondary Internet Service Provider (Comcast) within 10 minutes of outage. The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) dispatched FiberTech to repair fiber to primary Internet. Once primary internet was restored, MPS IT switched the district from secondary systems to primary systems. Only impact to users was slower web-browsing during primary outage. No Email traffic was impacted.