Email address change

Our Email address domain is changing from to !

You do not need to do anything to your account, the change is automatic. Your old Email address ( will continue to function for 1 year, however this new address is now currently active!

Your new Email address will be You may begin using this new address now! Please update your Email signatures, business cards, letterhead, webpage, etc to reflect as your new email address domain.

An automatic Email footer will be appended to all external Emails that you send outside of MPS informing other organizations and contacts of this change. Again, your old email address ( will continue to function for one (1) year so that people have time to update their records.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the change.


Q: Will I lose any Emails due to this change?

A: No. Your actual Email account is not changing, only the domain address from to You will not lose any existing Emails.

Q: Will this change how I send emails to others?

A: No. How you send an Email will remain the same. However, people receiving an Email from you will now see instead of

Q: If someone from outside MPS sends me an Email using my old address,, will I still receive it?

A: Yes, but you should start telling all your external contacts to update their address books with your new Email address, To help with this we have automatically added the following footer to all Emails that you send external to MPS. You will not see this footer, but the person receiving your Email will see the following notice at the bottom of your message:

NOTICE - As of July 1, 2012, the Middletown Public Schools' Email domain is changing from MPS1.ORG to MPSCT.ORG. Please update your contact information with @MPSCT.ORG for any staff members at Middletown Public Schools that you communicate with via email. This new domain is currently active, so you may begin using it now. After July 1, 2012, only @MPSCT.ORG will be accepted.