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HELP US GO GREEN! By completing the information below I am agreeing to receive my Advice of Direct Deposit (paystub) as a PDF file sent to my MPS Email account. I understand that once I begin receiving my paystub via Email I will no longer receive a paper paystub, and that the paystub will arrive one (1) day before the actual paydate (e.g. the Email stub will arrive on Thursday, but funds will not be available until Friday as usual).

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I hereby authorize the Middletown Board of Education to forward my Advice of Direct Deposit (paystub) to my MPS email.

Click SUBMIT to complete request.  I understand that it may take up to two weeks before I begin receiving my paystub via Email.

If you decide to discontinue receiving your paystub by email, you must contact the Board of Education Payroll Department, Central Office at 860-638-1424.

Note:  Only one submission per employee is allowed.

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