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Early Care and Preschool Education Opportunities in Middletown!

Parents often wonder if it's important for their three or four year old child to participate in a preschool program.   Research has shown that when young children are enrolled in high quality preschool and child care programs, the children's social and emotional well-being, intellectual development and academic achievement will be positively impacted.  The evidence is strong and clear that a quality preschool program can significantly reduce poor school performance and improve outcomes for children.  Study after study has documented that children who have had a preschool experience, either through a nursery school program or in a child care center, enter kindergarten with better oral language and vocabulary,  motor skills, and a broad base of knowledge.  These children adjust emotionally and socially to elementary school with greater ease than those without such an experience.  Give your child the gift of an early learning experience and a strong foundation necessary for future success!   If you are looking for an early care program for your child, aged birth to 3, please also contact the School Readiness Office for more information.

Story Train to Readiness Success program, funded by the Middletown School Readiness Council, Community Foundation of Middlesex County, the Connecticut Storytelling Center, and the School Readiness programs: Town & Country Early Learning Center, Bright & Early Learning Center, Snow Preschool, YMCA, and South Farms Nursery School.

Photo below of a Storytelling session at South Farms Nursery School, Spring 2015

Storytelling session

Photo and Video below of a Storytelling session at YMCA Bielefield Preschool Program, Spring 2016

Storytelling session

Click here to see a video....

Community FoundationMSRC

Learn more about the Russell Library Childrens' programming, click here!

If you would like assistance finding a preschool or child care program for your child, contact the Middletown Board of Education at 860-638-1401. You can also down the brochure and contact School Readiness programs directly for enrollment information.

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