Readiness Programs

School Readiness and Child Day Care Program

The School Readiness and Child Day Care Program, an initiative of the Office of Early Childhood, allocates substantial funds to urban areas to increase the number of young children who have access to high quality preschool and child day care programs. Middletown has been awarded just over $2 million dollars for this purpose. The Middletown School Readiness Council, overseers of this program in our City, is pleased to announce the exciting opportunity for three and four year olds to participate in quality preschool and child care programs at a remarkably affordable rate. Fees for participation in the program are charged on a sliding fee scale based on family income and size.

Six preschool and child day care programs in the city have spaces available for preschoolers. Children born in 2013 and 2014 who are interested in an affordable preschool or child care program for their child may contact any one of the School Readiness providers.

School Readiness Programs are coordinated and developed by the Middletown School
Readiness Council.

For more information regarding the best program to meet your needs, please contact:

School Readiness Facilitator, Dawn Dubay


Middletown School Readiness Programs