Special Ed

Early Childhood

Early Learning and Development Standards and Early Childhood Special Education

Our preschool is located at Wilbur Snow Elementary School and our Preschool Liaison is Dawn Abrahamson.

Transition Services

Link to the Connecticut State Department of Education Website on Transition Services

Building a Bridge: A Transition Manual for Students - English

Building a Bridge: A Transition Manual for Students - Spanish

Our Transition to Life Program is located at 909 Newfield Street.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Our Performance

Resource Directory for Middletown Youth and Families - A directory of state and local resources available to Middletown's students and families.

For the latest information regarding Restraint and Seclusion, you may access the following links:

Restraint and Seclusion Resource Document (Coming Soon)

New Incident Report Form for Restraint - Revised 2/9/2016

New Incident Report Form for Seclusion - Revised 2/9/2016

#5144.1 - Policy - Physical Restraint/Seclusion

#5144.1 - Regulation - Physical Restraint/Seclusion

Important Parent Information and Notifications

Professional Development 2014-2015 School Year