Section 504 Forms and Templates

504 - Annual Notification:

The following Section 504 forms are formatted as Word Templates.
To use:

- Click on the underlined form
- Select save
- Click on the saved form in your Download folder
- The template will open up and allow you to edit the document and enter data by filling
in the blank fields (mostly in a table format)

- You should select Save As and save the file as a Word document with a
unique/specific name for each student

504 Forms:

ALL 504 Forms - in one file

Single Documents:

1. Meeting Notice

2. Referral Form

3. Student Eligibility Determination

4 . Meeting Summary/504 Plan

5. Notice and Consent to Provide Accommodations/Services

6. Notice and Consent to Conduct Evaluation/Reevaluation

7. Agreement to Change 504 Plan without Convening a Meeting

8. Request for Mediation/Hearing

9. Discrimination Complaint Form

10. Manifestation Determination Worksheet

11. Employee Request for Accommodation

12. Parent Notice of Rights Section 504