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Transportation Handbook- Middletown Public Schools

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Dattco Middletown Terminal

860-635-8234 Ext 5603

Middletown Public Schools Transportation

Marco Gaylord - Chief of Operations
Mark Langton - Transportation Manager
Erin Stevenson - Administrative Secretary

Central Office - 311 Hunting Hill Avenue
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone - 860-638-1418
Fax - 860-638-1498

SCHOOLS BY STREETS  List (Revised  6/21/2019)

Use this list to look up street and assigned elementary school (Grades K-5.)  Grade 6 attends Keigwin Middle School *** Grades 7  & 8 attend Woodrow Wilson Middle School *** Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 attend Middletown High School.

View the Re-Entry Arrival and Dismissal Schedule for buses, parents, staff, and teachers for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Field Trip & Transportation Forms:

Transportation Handbook - Middletown Public Schools

Student Field Trip Permission Slip- #6153 -Form 2 (Printable & Fillable - pdf document - to be signed by parent/guardian)

Field Trip Request - #6153 -Form 3 (Revised  7/7/2020)  (Printable & Fillable word form - to be filled in by Field Trip Organizer/Lead Name and approved by Principal)

Activity Transport - Coach Request 2020-2021 (Printable & Fillable word form - to be filled in by Field Trip Organizer/Lead Name, approved by Principal and approved by Middletown BOE Transportation Department, then quoted by DATTCO Activity Transit Staff)

Overnight & Out-of-State Field Trip Request -#6153 -Form 1 (Revised 1/15/2020) (Word document - must be approved by the Board of Education,  see instructions on top of form)

Elementary Student Dismissal Authorization Form - #5131.1 Form 1 - Middletown Public Schools (pdf document to be filled in by parent/guardian)

Video Surveillance Policy #5131.111

Video Surveillance NOTICE #5131.111

Letter dated November 21, 2012, announcing a new program aimed at increasing safety measures for children riding, loading and unloading school buses in our town.