Cultural Council

The Middletown Public Schools are committed to providing students with an understanding and appreciation of the arts, as the arts are essential to the education of every student. It is through the arts that students are helped to understand people of other times and cultures. The arts serve as a bond to bring together people of different races, cultures and languages all around the world. 

The Cultural Council's planned activities will provide all students with opportunities to experience achievements that have been made in music, poetry, dance, drama and visual arts. We believe that with the efforts of the Cultural Council, our students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the values and artistic achievements of other cultures as well as our own. In addition, these cultural programs and activities can promote a positive influence on students' social values, lifestyles, and career choices. I know that I speak for the entire student body and staff when I extend my appreciation to the Cultural Council on behalf of arts education in the Middletown Public Schools.

Marco Gaylord

Director of Fine Arts