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Food Services Three-Year Plan. This plan shapes a structure to improve the dining experience for students and staff, including customer service, nutritional quality and access to meals. This plan is directly aligned with the Middletown 2021: Keys to Innovation and Equity Operating Plan. The data from recent Food Service Parent Questionnaires has guided the direction of this plan and this most important feedback used to help set the goals for achieving a higher level of services for our students. For a full PDF version of this plan CLICK HERE.

All meals are planned and served in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) nutritional guidelines. These guidelines include daily offerings of five food component: Meat/Meat Alternate, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables and Milk.

Students are expected to select a minimum of three food components at each meal period, one of which must be a serving of fruit or vegetable. Weekly vegetable servings include five subgroups to ensure variety and proper nutrition: Dark Green, Red/Orange, Bean and Peas (Legumes), Starchy and Other.

Dietary specifications establish weekly limits on calories, saturated fat and sodium, and contain no trans-fat. Portion sizes are determined based on these dietary specifications for the appropriate age group.

To read more about these guidelines and the School Nutrition Programs please visit the Connecticut State Department of Education website HERE.

Happy 10th Annual School Lunch Hero Day to our Middletown Public Schools School Nutrition Professionals! 

Happening in our Cafeterias

Farm to School Promotions in MPS. Spinach and Organic Potatoes from local farms here in Connecticut
Check out our promotional flyers below
Spinach from Provider Farms-Salem, CT
Red Potatoes from White Gate Farm-East Lyme, CT

Thank you to Healthy PlanEat for making Farm to School in Middletown possible. If you are looking to buy local and organic check out Healthy PlanEat below:

Secretary Vilsack and Secretary Cardona provide a brief message thanking school nutrition professionals for all the work they do to ensure students receive nutritious meals.

Supply Chain Video from the School Nutrition Association

Food Insecurity

The Middletown Coalition for Children and Childhood Hunger Task Force have created a detailed Food Resource Plan available to all Middletown Residents. This information can be found by clicking here

The Food and Nutrition Department is excited to share some of our current projects that we are planning to be introducing soon. 
1. New Menu Program: We are partnering with Mosaic, a USDA approved software system to create a new menu platform that will allow the food services department to enhance our compliance standards and allow us to offer new menu items district wide
2. Meatless Mondays: We have partnered with Meatless Monday to promote nutrition related education and menu ideas to our district on reasons to try vegetarian or vegan options one day per week. Students will see these menu choices beginning in February 2022
3. Harvest of the Month: In collaboration with Food Corps and Local Farms, the food services department is working to bring in locally grown produce to highlight on our menus each month along with nutrition education lessons, new recipes and fun grade appropriate activities. 
4. Farm to School: We are working with local farmers state wide to source fresh produce to purchase for our school cafeterias

For specific questions related to nutritional concerns
for your child, please call Food Services at (860)704-4519 or email Randall Mel at [email protected]