Immunization/Physical Exam Requirements


The State of Connecticut Statutes Sec. 10-204a require that local boards of education require that each student be protected  through adequate immunization against some infectious childhood diseases before being permitted to enroll in any program operated by a public or nonpublic school under its jurisdiction.

Department of Public Health defines “new entrant” as follows:

“New entrants are any students who are new to the school district, including all preschoolers and all students coming in from Connecticut private, parochial, and charter schools located in the same or another community. All preschoolers, as well as all students entering kindergarten, including those repeating kindergarten, and those moving from any public or private pre-school program, even in the same school district, are considered new entrants. The one exception is students returning from private approved special education placements-they are not considered new entrants.”

Required Health Assessment (Physical Examination)

The Middletown Board of Education recognizes the importance of periodic health assessments according to state health requirements. Health assessments help to determine the health status of students, and facilitate the identification and mitigation of health-related factors that may negatively impact access to learning.

Health Assessments are due before being permitted to enroll in Pre-K, K, 7th and 10th grade, and must be reviewed and on file with the school nurse before students can begin these grades.

You may access a blank physical examination form here:                                                           Health Assessment Record (HAR)

Part I of the form must be completed and signed by parent.

Part II to be completed and signed by physician

(Regarding sports physicals: **A completed and parent/ health care provider signed HAR may be used in lieu of the Sports Physical Forms if the health care provider checks off the appropriate boxes indicating confirmation of clearance to participate in sports-related activities. See “Athletics Page” for more details**)

Please visit the Middletown Health Assessments and Immunization requirements policy for more information.