JCJ Architecture


Feasibility Study

Click here for more information regarding the Redistricting of the elementary schools.

The Revision to Middletown's Racial Imbalance Plan dated February 1, 2010, was submitted to the Department of Education .

Click here for list of names and contact information for the BOE Ad Hoc Feasibility Committee dated December 15, 2009.

Click here for the November 17, 2009 Presentation from JCJ Architecture (9MB)

Click here for the November 10, 2009 report from JCJ Architecture (3MB)

Memo from Kendall Jackson, Director of Facilities, to Michael Frechette, Superintendent, dated August 17, 2009 concerning the JCJ Study.

Click here for the May 26, 2009 initial report from JCJ Architecture (2MB)

Representatives from JCJ Architecture conducted a series of workshops discussing the future plans for Middletown Schools. JCJ was in the district conducting a feasibility study of grade configuration, demographics and facility utilization. There is a short term study to address overcrowding at Moody and a long term study for the district.

JCJ Flyers on the Forums

JCJ Visioning - Planning Meeting Minutes - March 30, 2009

JCJ Architecture letter dated January 26, 2009 to Parents, Guardians and Middletown Public Schools Staff concerning the undertaking of a District Wide Utilization Study for the Middletown Schools.