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Directions to all 11 Middletown Public Schools (revised 8-15-2009) See below for pictures of our schools.compass 

NOTE:  When using Google or GPS for directions to Middletown High School use 680 Newfield Street (not 200 LaRosa Lane) as the electronic directions have not updated for our new address. 

SCHOOLS BY STREETS  List (Revised  6/21/2019)
Use this list to look up street and assigned elementary school (Grades K-5.)   *** Grades 6- 8 attend Beman Middle School *** Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 attend Middletown High School.

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Safe School Climate Plan 

Bullying Policy

Bullying behavior by any student in the Middletown Public Schools is strictly prohibited, and such conduct may result in disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion from school. “Bullying” means any overt acts by a student or a group of students directed against another student with the intent to ridicule, harass, humiliate or intimidate the other student while on school grounds, at a school‑sponsored activity, or on a school bus, which acts are committed more than once against any student during the school year. Bullying outside of the school setting may also be addressed if it has a direct and negative impact on a student’s academic performance or safety in school. Students and/or parents may file verbal or written complaints concerning suspected bullying behavior, and students shall be permitted to anonymously report acts of bullying to teachers and school administrators. Any report of suspected bullying behavior will be promptly reviewed. If acts of bullying are verified, prompt disciplinary action may be taken against the perpetrator, consistent with his/her rights of due process. Board policy and regulation #5131.911 set forth this prohibition and the related procedures in detail, and are available to students and their parents/guardians upon request.

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