DECA Students in Atlanta 2018

Middletown DECA Students
Posted on 05/09/2018

During the 3rd week of April, 2018, 27 Middletown DECA students attended and 24 competed at the annual DECA International Career Development Conference.  This year the conference was held in Atlanta, GA at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. More than 20,000 attendees participated from 10 nations: Canada, Spain, India, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Honduras, Korea and the United States.

DECA is an international organization of approximately 250,000 high school and college students that prepares emerging leaders in Marketing, Management, Hospitality and Finance.  Middletown DECA is one of Middletown’s most successful, oldest (almost 40 years) and largest (approximately 150 students) educational co-curricular organizations.

To qualify, students competed at the annual Connecticut Career Development Conference which was held in March at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington.  There, Middletown shined with a state-best 18 first place winners and 49 overall winners. Those winning students then qualified to attend the international competition.  Worldwide, approximately 120,000 students take part in these curricular, college and career-based competitions.

In order to compete at the state and international levels, students first select a category from over 50 career-based areas.  These categories encompass Marketing, Management, Hospitality and Finance and specific examples include business finance, marketing management, human resources planning, business law, promotional campaigns and ethical decision making.  Students must study, prepare and then perform rigorous standard-based testing and impromptu problem-solving case study role play presentations with industry judges. The test scores are added to the scores from the problem-solving presentations and the top scores are recognized.  Each category at the internationals has approximately 250 students, from around the world, who were all winners at their respective earlier competitions which makes this international event incredibly competitive.

Middletown students once again excelled and made our city proud with 15 total international medals which include: 

  • Sonya Hadley - International best test medal, International Finalist, International Top 10
  • Gwyn Reutenauer - International best role play medal, International Finalist, International Top 10
  • Rose Romano - International best role play medal, International Finalist Top 20
  • Sheryn Albayati - International best role play medal, International Finalist Top 20
  • Veronica Meyer - International Finalist Top 20
  • Vanessa Pramberger - International Finalist Top 20
  • Aliyah Hayes - International best role play medal
  • Brianna Biorie - International best role play medal
  • Richard Nakatsuka - International best test medal

21 of the 24 competitors also earned special recognition for overall excellence.

As a chapter, Middletown DECA was internationally recognized for a seventh consecutive year as a top chapter and has been ranked by the State Department of Education as #1 for four consecutive years for Marketing education.

Thank you to the entire Middletown community for your continued support of not only our DECA students but for all of our Career and Technical Education programs.  The students’ successes are a result of not only their hard work and dedication, but also because of the strong support from parents, community members and organizations, partners like Johnson and Wales and Men's Wearhouse, local businesses, school staff, our Mayor, Common Council, Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, Superintendent and Board of Education.