Memorial for Jim Bransfield

Memorial for Jim Bransfield
Jim Bransfield August 2, 1945 - February 24, 2018

Staff, students and community gathered on Sunday to celebrate the life of Jim Bransfield, MHS teacher, para, advisor, and the voice of Middletown sports. 1945-2018

"Enough tears were shed across Middletown this weekend to fill the Connecticut River.

Each of those tears represents a memory of a man who touched the lives of this community like no other.

There is only one Jim Bransfield. He will never be replaced. He will never be forgotten. Like the Connecticut River, Jim Bransfield is a Middletown treasure.

Most of us hope to touch the life of one person; to find our calling on this Earth to make a difference in one way. Jim Bransfield touched the lives of hundreds, heck thousands, in so many ways.

Jim, who passed away Saturday after a short illness, was the voice of our games: so many sports, so many seasons, so many venues. More importantly, he was a voice of reason, a voice of encouragement and reassurance for countless students as a teacher in the Middletown school system. He impacted their lives in and out of the classroom.

The countless memorials on Jim’s Facebook page from former students, many of whom have gone on to successful careers across the country, are a testimony to the number of lives he impacted. The messages have a similar theme: Mr. Bransfield challenged them, inspired them, motivated them. Mr. Bransfield taught them how to think on their own, treated them as adults, not kids." *Middletown Press Column: Remembering Jim Bransfield, a Middletown treasure By Sean Barker Updated 11:29 pm, Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Memorial was held on Sunday, March 4th at  Middletown High School -  Skubel-Rosek Football Stadium.  

A tribute to Jim Bransfield by WCNX Radio Sports Director Gene Gumbs

And Video Streamed Tuesday at 6 P.M. on
WCNX TV  You Tube Channel

It will be ON DEMAND - so anyone can watch it at their convenience.

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