Middletown Agricultural Science & Technology Center VIRTUAL TOUR & OPEN HOUSE

Middletown Agricultural Science & Technology Center VIRTUAL TOUR & OPEN HOUSE
Posted on 04/30/2021
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Each Spring High School Ag Students are asked to study an agricultural area of interest and create a presentation for our annual Open House. This year we challenged students to do a virtual presentation!
We then created a virtual tour and open house where visitors can explore the center and view student projects by opening links. Topics students explored are listed below.  We encourage you to participate in the virtual open house and use embedded materials. You may see a familiar face! When you are done please, vote for your favorites & comment!  Voting will close at noon on May 5, 2021.

Topics include:
Ag Mechanics - Shop
The Basics of MIG Welding by Kayla
The Varieties of Welding by Joey
Welding Safety by Robbie
Building a Birdhouse by Yannah and Bella
How a Laser Engraver Works by Alexa

Ag Mechanics - Yard
OSHA Violations (Handy Manny) by Josh and Angel
Ag Mechanics Careers by Nic

Animal Science Hallway
Perfect Pet Portraits by Madison
Emotional Support, Therapy, and Service Animals by Dayton & Mya
Dog Companions by Albina & Samej
Cat Communication by Kendahl

Large Animal Lab
Natural Horsemanship by Allison
EHV 1 by Georgia
Showing & Fitting Boer Goats by Sage & Brooke
Pigs in Biomedical Research

Animal Science Outdoor Pens
Egg Color by Ava
Collecting Chicken Eggs by Josh
How to Hatch Chicken Eggs by Joseph

Veterinary Science Lab
Clicker Training Rabbits by Emily
Sugar Gliders by Lauren & Maggie
Tattooing Rabbits by Amy
Homemade Dog Treats by Victoria
Genetic Mutations in Snakes by Ryan
Dog Obedience Training by Angelina

Animal Science Classroom
Reading Pet Food Labels by Jessica
Common Dog Behaviors by Francheska
Pets & Our Health by Amanda & Alli
How Animals Affect our Lives by Kylie & Sophia
Spay/Neuter Your Pet by Emma
Equine Prosthetics by Abby & Emily

FFA - Hallway to Natural Resources/Plant Science
A Brief Timeline of the FFA by Kayden

Natural Resources/Plant Science Hallway
Food Waste as Fashion by Monica
Foraging in CT by Julia
Nuclear Energy by Hayden

Natural Resources Classroom
Current Issues faced by Marginalized People - An Environmental Racism Podcast by Vanessa, Madison and Brooklyn
African Americans in Natural Resources Timeline by Aniyah
Wild Vs. Domesticated Rabbits by Samantha
Biodiversity by Colin
Plight of the Tiger by Adriana
Save the King Cobra by Sophia & Kiera
Tigers and Biodiversity Loss by Miranda
Careers in Natural Resources by Zac
Nature Photographer by Sierra

Aqua Lab (Natural Resources)
Orcas in Captivity by Natalia
How To Set Up A Fish Tank Video by Lauren
Wildlife Of CT by Chelsea
Ocean Pollution by Angelina
Biomes by Nicole
Invasive Species by Mikayla & Alex

Plant Science Classroom
Sustainable Lawns by Amanda
DIY Natural “Air Freshies” by Maci
DIY Color Changing Violet Tea! by Brian
Organic Farming by Madison

Plant Science Design Lab
Propagating Succulents by Gianna
DIY - A lovely yellow arrangement by Kathryn

Greenhouses (Plant Science)
How To: Transplant by Brianna
Hydroponics by Lillian
How To: Propagate by Diana