Wellness CT State Fitness Test-Results


Connecticut State Physical Fitness
Assessment 2002-03

Offiicial 2002-03 Connecticut Physical Fitness Results for 10th Graders at Middletown High School:

A. # of students tested on all 4 items:126 boys, 163 girls

B. # of students medically exempt: 2 boys, 5 girls

C. # of students meeting flexibility standard: 94 boys, 129 girls

D. # of students meeting the strength and endurance standard: 97 boys,129 girls

E. # of students meeting the upper body standard: 82 boys, 94 girls

F. # of students meeting the aerobic standard: 51 boys, 31 girls

G. # of students meeting standards on all 4 items: 47 boys, 31 girls

****Students were tested on the following items: sit-and-reach test, right-angle push-up, partial curl-up test (sit-ups), and the one-mile run. The tests were completed on 10/24/02.