Wellness Grading Policy


Middletown High School
Official Grading Policy

A.) Class Participation and Effort (80%)

Students are encouraged to participate in all physical education classes that they are scheduled for. Missed classes will result in a reduction of their participation/performance grade that is based upon the following standards. It should be understood that a students performance while in class may effect their grade on any given day.

Grading Rubric: Daily, students will be given a numerical grade based upon their effort/performance utilizing the following rubric:


  • participates actively
  • leads other students in class activities
  • sets a positive example as a role model by exhibiting responsible/desired performance and behavior


  • articipates actively
  • seldom off-task and reengages immediately when prompted
  • usually performs near potential skill level
  • exhibits good behavior


  • participates and performance is satisfactory
  • makes satisfactory effort in regard to personal ability
  • occasionally off-task, but reengages when prompted
  • exhibits satisfactory behavior


  • needs encouragement to remain on-task
  • frequently off-task and does not reengage with appropriate promptness
  • does not work to capacity
  • lacks necessary self-motivation required
  • poor behavior exhibited and/or inappropriate language used


  • wears appropriate class attire
  • consistently off-task and does not reengage quickly when prompted
  • works well below ability level
  • lacks the necessary self-motivation required
  • behavior exhibited and language used inappropriate
  • places other students at risk)
  • does not wear appropriate physical education attire, or elects not to participate at all
  • endangers themselves or others by exhibiting a lack of attention, motivation or regard for safety rules
  • performs at a level well below ability level
  • does not make-up a missed class with the allowable time limit
  • consistently exhibits inappropriate behavior and/or language after being spoken to

B.) Written/Skill Testing (20%)

At the conclusion of each activity unit, there will either be a skill test, written test, or both given to each student. This will average in with your participation grade to form your overall grade.

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