Bielefield Data Team

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The first column shows the date of the school data team meeting. In each dated row you will find the minutes and corresponding documents for that date. To open, click on the underlined document. 

Data Team Minutes for meetings beginning September 2017

School Data Team Minutes 16-17

Action Research Document updated monthly



September 2016  Minutes
October 2016 Minutes
November 2016 Minutes
December 2016 Minutes
January 2017 Minutes
February 2017 Minutes
March 2017 Minutes
April 2017 Minutes
May 2017 Minutes
June 2017 Minutes

School Data Team Minutes 15-16

Date Minutes
September 2015 Minutes
December 2015  Minutes
January 2015   
February 20115   
April 2015   
June 2015  

School Data Team Minutes 14-15

Date SDT Agenda/Minutes
September 2014 Minutes
October 2014 Minutes
December 2014 Minutes
January 2015 Minutes
February 2015 Minutes
April 2015 Minutes
June 2015 Minutes