Teacher Resources

10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs to Know

Blue Web'N: Online lesson plans

The Classroom: Vicki Blackwell's Internet Guide for Educators.

Combining Sentences : One plus one equals one.

Connecticut Digital Library: A tremendous resource for teachers and students. From home, you will need either your Russell library card # or a password (obtainable from your MPS librarian).

CTCurriculum.org: Online, Connecticut standards based lessons available for all content areas developed by teachers.

CT Common Core of Learning: K-12 student expectations.

CT Curriculum Frameworks: K-12 goals and standards for all curricular areas.

CyberSmart Curriculum: Free K-8 curriculum empowering students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.

E-Pals: Teachers can connect their students with others from around the world using this secure, filtered email portal. This is a great resource for expanding the classroom and fostering student collaboration. 

eThemes: Internet Resources for Teaching (listed by grade level and alphabetically). Search is also an option.

EdGate: A portal for teachers, students, and parents to access and share resources.

Enchanted Learning: A place to find online, free lesson materials about a variety of subjects from animals, explorers, and planets to music and languages.

Environmental Protection Agency - Teaching Resources : A collection of Earth Science related resources for teaching about water, recycling, human health, ecosystems, air and conservation. 

Evaluation Forms : Forms you need for observations and evaluations

Intel Teach to the Future Lessons: Check out these curriculum-based lessons created by teachers in Middletown! An intense technology integration initiative that focuses on improving teachers' current curriculum through the use of technology.

Kathy Schrock: Online lesson plans

MIT Open Courseware: Free online materials from instructors at MIT in the areas of aeronautics, anthropology, architecture, PE & fitness, bilogical engineering, biology, cognitive sciences, civil and environmental engineering, economics, electrical engineering and computer science, engineering, foreign language and literature, health science and technology, history, linguistics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, media arts and sciences, music and theartre arts, nuclear science, physics, political science, management, urban studies, women's studies, and writing.

National Geographic: Activities for connected classrooms.

National Geographic Explorer: Elementary Version of National Geographic.

National Technology Standards (K-8 Resources): Organized by grade level and subject, these online resources are clearly aligned to the ISTE NETS.

Microsoft in the Classroom: Microsoft Office lessons for teachers and students.

PDF Creation (Online) : Create FREE PDF Files for your Online Classroom! Files must be 2MB or smaller. 

Reading Lady: Lessons, resources and other materials for reading

RubiStar: An online rubric creation tool for teachers.

Science Net Links: Incredible K-12 lessons and sites (found under resources and organized by grade level). 

Teacher's Hub: "A Treasure Trove of Online Curriculum Resources for K-12 Teachers"

Teacher Resource Guide (from ACES): General links to materials including PC troubleshooting, WebQuests, Distance Learning, Tutorials, etc.

Virtual Teacher: A plethora of resources for teachers including templates (teacher prepared documents).

WebQuests: Inquiry-based learning activities available online in all curricular areas at each grade level.