US Regions

United States Regional Geography

This is a culminating activity for use following a study of United States regional geography. Successful completion of this task will require the students to:

  • Describe the natural characteristics of more than one region of the U.S.
  • Define the climate of a more than one region of the U.S., and compare/contrast them.
  • Identify the natural resources of more than one region of the U.S.
  • Identify products of more than one region
  • Describe industrial and recreational activities of more than one region
  • Make connections regarding how human activities in the regions they are studying are impacted by the environment and geography of that region.
  • Identify h technology affects different region of the US.

The primary purpose of the task is to give learners a chance to contextually apply an understanding of how the interaction of natural and human systems (the natural features of the land and climate and our human response and adaptation to them) play a role in all of our lives. This is a key concept in both the National and State Social Studies Standards.

This performance task satisfies the grade 4 technology checklist items 3,4,5,6, & 9

Student Task

This is a great day for your family. Because of your outstanding performance as a student of geography in the 4th grade in Middletown, your entire family has been given enough money to relocate for one full year in any region (other than the Northeast) of the United States that YOU CHOOSE. This will give everyone in your family the chance to experience the true impact of geography on your lives. There is only one requirement to get this grant; you must complete a geography research project that will lead to the selection of the region you will relocate to. A successful project will see you taking a quick survey of key information in the following categories from the Northeast region and at least two other regions you think you might want to visit:

  • Land features
  • Water Bodies
  • Climate
  • Natural Resources
  • Farm Products
  • Industry
  • Other information
  • Technology
  • Once that is complete, you will compare and contrast (using a Venn Diagram) the two other regions with the Northeast, make a selection about which one you want to move to, and then create a three to four slide presentation using multimedia software (e.g. PowerPoint) to convince your family that the location you have chosen is the best place to go

    Process and Directions

    Before beginning this project, establish a set of general ground rules for computer use (sharing, equipment care, etc.) Be sure to discuss and practice responsible decisions when printing.

    1. Review the general locations of the nine regions of the United States. Find the Northeast - remember you main job in this project will be to compare the Northeast to other regions and then select which other region you would like to live in for a while. Based on this survey, select two regions other than the Northeast to explore.

    2. Using the textbook Atlas-Our Country or an another teacher approved geography resource, fill in the Research Grid for the Northeast and the two other regions that you believe your family would be most interested in You should also conduct research on the Internet, being very specific with key word searches (in Google, Yahooligns) ect . Make sure you have at least two facts per category for each of the regions you are exploring. Identify at least one use f technology used in each region.

    3. Once you have completed the Research Grid , review the information you have gathered. Based on your knowledge of your family - what they like and don't like, the work they do, their interests - select the region that you want to move to. Be sure to have at least two good reasons (supported by facts) why you selected the region (you will need these facts when you create your presentation.

    4. Complete the Venn Diagram using the information you found regarding your selected region and compare it to the same information you found for the Northeast. A successful Venn Diagram will have information from all seven categories of the Research Grid properly placed in one of the Venn's three columns.

    5. Based on the results of your Venn Diagram, outline and then create a three to four slide PowerPoint slide presentation explaining why you selected the region you did and how you think the lives of your family will be different because you will be living in this new location. A successful presentation will rely heavily on the specific facts you found in your research and the analysis of those facts you completed in your Venn Diagram. Be sure to follow all the rules you know about good presenting. If the link for good presenting does not work, click here (for a web-based version that is a bit less interactive).

    Resources and Support

    Textbook - Atlas-Our Country
    Web Resources - To be determined by teacher (Google, Yahooligans, yahoo, ect).
    How to Present - PowerPoint presentation on presentation techniques
    How to Present - Web version of the above presentation (use this if the above link does not
    Map Resources


    Specific Assessment Rubrics