Out of this World!


This is a culminating activity for use following the study of astronomy unit. Successful completion of this activity will require students to:

  • Identify the planets in order and categorize them according to terrestrial and gaseous
  • Demonstrate knowledge of stars and their colors
  • Describe the moon and it's phases
  • Demonstrate knowledge of "space junk" such as comets, meteors, asteroids, etc.
  • Tell about the sun and it's properties
  • Note: This performance task satisfies the Grade 5 Technology checklists items 1, 2, 3, 7, & 8

    Student Task

    Congratulations! You have just graduated from NASA's space program and are about to take your first mission into space! You are going to visit each planet, see the sun, examine many planet's moons, and move your space vehicle through comets, meteors, and asteroids. Your job is to report, in a diary, what you have experienced in space. When you complete your mission and fill out your diary, you need to create a diorama illustrating the planets and everything else you observed on your journey. Ready, set, blast off!

    You will need to:
    • Research the Web sites provided and take plenty of notes
    • Using your class notes and web notes, assemble a detailed diary depicting what happened during your journey and note your feelings. (Be creative and imaginative.)
    • Maintain a diary using MS word
    • Download images and data for the planets you visited
    • Complete student checklists to be sure all items are completed successfully
    • Make a diorama illustrating the planets and other space objects that you saw
    Do your best work

    Process and Directions

    1. Review the student/teacher checklist to be sure of what you need to include in your diary.

    2. Review the notes you have taken during class lessons and highlight what you would like to include in your diary.

    3. Visit the following Web sites and take notes (you may want to pair up on the computer to discuss what you are researching) use the search feature on the website to locate specific information:

    4. Assemble your notes by cutting and categorizing what you would like to include in your diary. Make sure you check the student checklist to be sure you have included all required topics.

    5. Be creative, use your notes, and write your space diary about the adventures you have had and feelings you have experienced..

    6. Create a diorama depicting the planets and other items you have seen in space.

    7. Complete the student checklist.

    8. Share your project with the class.

    Resources and Support:

    Student notes from previous lessons

    Web resources:

    Images acquired from:


    Student and Teacher Checklist