Landforms Rock!

Landforms Rocks

This is a culminating activity for use with the Landforms studies unit in Grade 5 science. Students will be required to do the following:

  • Understand the structure of the Earth's layers and prepare an adventure in the Earth's layers
  • Combine writing and building their vocabulary while using research to write their own adventures
  • Work in small cooperative groups over a sustained period of time
  • Enjoy the experience of creating their own stories and working with other students towards a goal, which will be to present their booklets to the class

Teachers will need to borrow the book Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth from the third grade classrooms.

Note: This performance task satisfies the grade 5 Technology checklist items 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, & 9.

Student Task

You and your peers will be creating a new adventure, an adventure inside the Earth! Under the Earth's surface, as you have learned, are many exciting layers that hold valuable resources and interesting materials. Over the next couple of days your job is create a booklet that is similar to Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth by investigating websites, using the library, searching through magazines, and using your classroom textbooks of Earth Alive and Volcano. When your booklet is complete (both draft and final) you will present it to the class with your group. Be creative and have fun!

Process and Directions

1. Review the Self/Peer Assessment Sheet, and Teacher Assessment Form. Discuss a plan of action. What do you and your partners hope to accomplish? What will the layout for you group booklet look like when you are complete. Assign jobs for group members (for example: illustrator, researcher, typist, etc).

2. With your partner read Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth. Take notes in your Draft Booklet . You must write at least 5 new ideas that you have learned through your reading.

3. With your partner, read Earth Alive. Take notes in your Draft Booklet. You must write at least 5 new ideas that you have learned through your reading.

4. With your partner, read Volcano. Take notes in your Draft Booklet. You must write at least 5 new ideas that you have learned through your reading.

5. Visit the school library with your group members. Research and take notes on other books that give you more information. Remember to write this information in your Draft Booklet as well (use the back if you have to), taking note of which book titles you received interesting facts from. Compile a resource list of all the books or magazines you use.

6. As a class, visit the computer lab and use the following three Web sites and worksheets to guide your information you gathering. Fill out the diagrams and label with care!

PBS Research Worksheet


    CNN Research Worksheet


    Volcano Research Worksheet

  • 7. Use all of the information that your group has gathered. Create a final booklet that is colorful, factual, spell-checked, grammar checked, and easy to read. Your booklet must be at least 8 pages in length. Give all your pages to your teacher, (in order), for your teacher to bind together.

    8. Present the booklet to the class. You may want to do this in an exciting way: make the reading of your book dramatic, act out some scenes, use larger diagrams that were not able to fit in the booklet as a background to your presentation, dress as scientists or as layers of the earth, etc. Use your imagination.

    9. Complete the Self/Peer Assessment Sheet . Give it to your teacher.

    Resources and Support

    Textbook- Landforms

    Support books- Earth Alive, Volcano, and Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth

    Web Resources:

    Image Acquired from:


    Student and Peer Assessment

    Teacher Assessment