Colonies from Different Points of View


This is a culminating activity to the unit on New England colonies and includes the culture of the people who came from this colony and why they came. Students will describe the natural resources found and how they influenced colonists' lives. Students will also learn about how the native people influenced the colonist's lives

Student Task

As you have already learned in class, colonists had a tough time learning to adapt to new land and a different life style. It was also difficult for settlers to establish peaceful relationships with Native Americans. You are going to use the information you have already learned in class to write an expository piece from the point of view of either the Native Americans or the colonists. Whichever you choose, write specifically about their culture, how natural resources influenced their lives, and how they learned from each other. Once you are done collecting notes and organizing them you will a Pick, List, and Choose, you will write a first draft. Next you will edit and revise the draft. Once you have a final draft, create a visual piece to go along with your writing. You will then grade yourself. Finally, present your report to the class. Get ready to be creative, takes notes, and think!

Process and Directions

This performance task satisfies the Grade 5 Technology checklist items 1,2,3,5,6,7

1. Use information from class notes and your textbook to pick a point-of-view: either you will be a colonist or a Native American. Use the Information Gathering Table to help you brainstorm what should be in your essay. Feel free to add more information on the back of the page. Gather pictures and ideas to go along with your research. You may download images from the Internet, but be sure to give credit to the author.

2. Visit the attached Web pages to gather more information to help you fill out your outline.

3. Complete the Pick, List, and Choose organizer.

4. Write an expository piece (see the official Writing Prompt for guidance) explaining your point-of-view and experiences you have had. Write it in the first person accounting for what your experience was like. Be creative and write it as a diary or journal, a scrapbook, a newspaper column, etc. Add pictures (drawn, photocopies, or from the Internet), make a collage, create a diorama, make a mobile, etc. to make your project more interesting and exciting. The more creative the better the grade!

4b. Discuss plagiarism (ownership of ideas/images) with your teacher.

5. Edit and revise your expository writing piece using the Student Writing Checklist. (This should be saved to the server for easy access/revision)

6. Write your final copy in your best handwriting or on the computer.

7. Create a resource list, (2-3 sources) citing all sources (images/ideas) you used to create your essay.

8. Work with your teacher to complete the Colony Task Rubric to determine your grade or how you might improve your work before grading.

9. Share your report with the class.

Resources and Support

5th Grade Social Studies Textbook- Houghton Mifflin

Research organizer

Pick, List, and Choose

Writing Prompt



Student Checklist

Colony Task Rubric