Middletown Educator Evaluation & Development Plan


Click here for the Middletown's 2016-2017 MEED Handbook for Teachers

Click here for the Middletown's 2016-2017 MEED Handbook for Administrators (Revised April 12, 2016)

Important - view letter from Associate Superintendent Enza Macri about the new Middletown Educator Evaluation and Development System

Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Forms
(Underlined indicates there is a link to document.)

To access the evaluation system for the 2019-2020 school year go to :Frontline


To access the old evaluation information go to Teachscape http://login.teachscape.com/web/

Underline forms can be accessed here. You will be asked if you want to open it or save it to you computer. Click save it, it will open much faster, then save it.

Teaher Evaluation Forms can be accessed through TeachScape.

Teachscape Tips

All teacher forms can be found on TeachScape


Form A - Goal Setting: SLO#1, SLO#2, Whole School Learning Indicator, Parent Feedback Goal

Form A - Goal Setting

SLO Goal Setting Form

Form B1 & B2 - Observation and Conferencing Form B -POP/TOA Template
Form C - Review of Practice and Professional Growth Form C - Observation Reflection
Form D - Mid-Year Check-In Form D - Mid-Year Self Reflection
Form E - End-of-Year Summative Teacher Reflection Form E - End-of-Year Self-Reflection
Teacher Intensive Supervision Plan Form FormF - End-of-Year Summative Rating
Teacher Evaluation Appeal Form Appendices (A-F)

Danielson Framework Rubrics

Teacher Framework School Psychologists
Instructional Specialist School Speech and Language Pathologists
Library Media Specialist School Social Workers
School Counselors Special Education Teachers

Occupational Therapists

Link to the Conduct Code of Professional Responsibility

Resources for Teacher Evaluation and Development

Middletown SEED Orientation PowerPoint Presentation - August 26, 2013

Danielson Framework Card Sort Activity PowerPoint - August 26, 2013

Resources for Administrator Evaluation and Development

Common Core of Leading: CT Leadership Standards

Administrator Professional Practice Rubric

Administrator Evaluation and Professional Growth Plan Orientation - PowerPoint Presentation - September 15, 2014 (pdf format)