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(Connecticut Accountability for Learning Initiative) Training

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Training offered under the CALI initiative was created by Doug Reeves of The Leadership and Learning Center of Englewood, CO (formerly known as Center for Performance Assessment.) NOTE: Materials used in the training are copyrighted by the Center and must be purchased directly. Lead and Learn

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CALI 5 Training Modules IN-DISTRICT

CALI training consists of five different modules as follows:

DDDM - Data-Driven Decision Making

ETS - Effective Teaching Strategies

CFA - Common Formative Assessments

MSW - Making Standards Work

School Climate

Within each of these five modules there are then two sections of training - Basic Training and Certification Training. One must complete Basic Training in order to be eligible for Certification Training. The purpose of Certification Training is to become a trainer for Basic Training. Basic Training will be sufficient for the purpose of the majority of the teaching staff.

Individual schools receiving CALI Training Modules are shown on the CALI Schools link.

Beginning in the 2008-09 school year, Barbara R. Senges and other individuals were trained as certified trainers for DDDM, ETS, CFA, and MSW. They will be providing Basic Training in these areas for all staff members.

Description of Basic Training and Certification Training