DDDM - Data-Driven Decision Making
(Data Teams)

Data-Driven Decision Making

Date teams - Meeting with Elle Allison - 2/7/2008

List of School Data Teams

Description of DDDM Basic Training

I. Data-Driven Decision Making/Data Teams (DDDM/DT) - Basic Training

This two-day seminar is for classroom educators and school leaders. Data-Driven Decision Making/Data Teams will assist educators in making leadership and instructional decisions based on data.

The six-step Data-Driven Decision Making process includes:

1. Treasure Hunt
2. Needs Analysis
3. Prioritizing Needs
4. Setting Goals
5. Identifying Instructional Strategies
6. Determining Results Indicators

Each step will take participants deeper into new systems of thinking and applications of data.

During the seminar, participants must examine their own real data on real students so that the process is presented and understood in context. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have learned the process and made concrete improvement decisions about their district or school.

The Data-Driven Decision Making process is designed for district-level and building level teams. The Data Team training is designed for grade level or content level teachers. The teacher teams collaboratively analyze data from common informative assessments and student work to identify strengths and weakness in student learning. Teachers then select instructional strategies that will best address the students and the targeted learning objectives. Student progress is monitored and the process continues at the next meeting.