ETS - Effective Teaching Strategies

Description of ETS Basic Training

III. Effective Teaching Strategies - Basic Training

This two-day seminar is designed for classroom teachers and instructional specialists. In order to maximize student learning opportunities, teachers must plan effective lessons that not only consider the concepts that students must know, but also the specific instructional strategies that will help teachers get the job done. Specific strategies in each of the nine categories of Classroom Instruction That Works, plus non-fiction writing, will be shared and participants will apply each of the categories to current lessons or future units and plans. This seminar is highly interactive and hands-on and teachers appreciate the opportunity to collaborate about what other teachers are doing to achieve success in their classrooms.

During this interactive seminar, participants will:

  • Learn about the ten categories of effective teaching strategies;
  • understand how to use aspects of these strategies when planning lessons;
  • learn about the application of the strategies specific to student needs;
  • examine the most effective way to write thorough lesson plans and deliver instruction utilizing effective methods; and
  • learn strategies and techniques that are more beneficial to certain learning situations and students.