MSW - Making Standards Work

Description of MSW Basic Training

  1. Making Standards Work (MSW) - Basic Training

The first day of this three-day seminar shows teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators and anyone involved in implementing standards in the K-12 classroom how to identify and "Unwrap" Power Standards. Throughout the next two days, participants use "Unwrapped" Power Standards to design performance assessments and scoring guides. Standards-based performance assessments are an effective means to improve student performance in the classroom and on high-stakes standardized tests. Participants will learn why performance tasks with accompanying rubrics for assessing student proficiency are so powerful. Participants will see the compelling research that links writing across the curriculum with higher standardized test scores. In addition to designing a standards-based performance assessment ready for use in the classroom, participants will receive practical tools for effective standards implementation.

During this three-day interactive seminar, participants will:

  • learn a proven process for identifying Power Standards;
  • "Unwrap" the Power Standards and determine "Big Ideas" contained within those standards;
  • write these "Big Ideas" as "Essential Questions" to guide instruction and assessment;
  • create the first draft of an "Unwrapped" standards-based performance assessment that includes the following components: interdisciplinary standards, engaging scenarios, performance tasks and task-specific rubrics or scoring guides;
  • understand the critical content and skills in the wording of academic content standards; and
  • learn strategies for aligning instruction and assessment to standards.