School Climate

Description of Improving School Climate to Support Student Achievement

Understanding the Whole Picture

  • Nature of school climate
  • Research on negative messages and the brain (stress and learning)
  • Nature of "respect" and importance of school connectedness
  • Aligning school climate with RTI practices

Violence in Schools & Bullying

  • School violence and the school shooters
  • Etiology of violent behaviors, saving children at risk
  • Nature and continuum of violence and teasing, overview of bullying
  • CT landscape on bullying and the updated bullying law, role and aftermath of zero tolerance policies

What can be done--ProActive Structures & Strategies

  • Creating a caring majority community of learners
  • Setting clear standards and boundaries
  • Classroom decision making and reflective practice
  • Importance of modeling
  • Adult responsibility and Codes of Ethics
  • Rote of character education and practical guidelines for creating respectful environments
    • language use
    • classroom seating/arrangement
    • in-class assignments and homework
    • discussion forums
    • dealing with infractions
    • ethical teaching methods
    • establishing clear expectations and boundaries
    • appropriate and responsible consequences for actions
    • dealing with transitions