CALI Schools

Lawrence School
(Demonstration School)

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Keigwin School

Middletown High School

Schools receiving CALI Training Modules are schools that were identified by the Federal Government and the State of Connecticut as "in need of improvement", as a result of failure to make AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for a period of a least three years. These schools authored a professional development grant which provided them with training and coaching at their individual schools.

Training at the individual schools included components of the five CALI modules. For example, under DDDM (Data-Driven Decision Making) these schools received training in:

Data Team Leader
School Data Team Facilitation
Looking at Student Work
Data Training

In addition, under ETS (Effective Teaching Strategies) training the in-school training components were:

Differentiated Instruction
Lesson/Unit Planning
Classroom Modeling of Effective Teaching Strategies

Lawrence Elementary School, chosen as a Demonstration School, is receiving on-going extensive training and coaching and is being used as a model site for The Leadership and Learning Center design for school improvement. (See Power Point presentation created by Barbara Senges)

A team of teachers at Middletown High School are receiving Basic ETS, CFA, and School Climate Training at the High School site.

Lawrence School (Demonstration School)

Presentation of Explanation of Support give to the Lawrence School staff and the Board of Education by Barbara Senges. See Power Point presentation created by Barbara Senges Demonstration School

Lawrence Data Team Video

Click on the image to download the Lawrence Data Team Video (53 minutes)

Keigwin School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Middletown High School