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Welcome to Middletown’s Teaching and Learning Homepage

The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the teaching and learning process in the Middletown Public School System. Curriculum and instruction are created in collaboration with the Curriculum Leadership Team and the District Leadership Team. Middletown’s standards for learning are in full alignment with the district’s vision and goals and the Connecticut Core Standards.

Excellent Schools begin with great school leaders and teachers. The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning works closely with the Assistant Superintendent of Administration, who oversees Human Resources, to recruit, hire, support, and retain the most highly qualified educators. The Middletown Public School System is committed to raising the overall quality of our school’s workforce and providing our students with the best educators to lead our classrooms and schools.

Contact Information for:

Stacey McCann
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Phone: 860-638-1430 
Email: mccanns@mpsct.org

English and Language Arts
Director (PreK-12)

Meg Hanly
Director (PreK-12)
Email: hanlym@mpsct.org

Dan Raucci
English and Language Arts
Supervisor (6-12)
Email: rauccid@mpsct.org 

Rob Smernoff
Physical Education/Health
Department Head (K-12)
Email: smernoffr@mpsct.org

Bridget Poturnicki
Library Media
Department Head (K-12)
Email: poturnickib@mpsct.org

Jill Garrity
Extended Learning
Coordinator (K-12)
Email: garrityj@mpsct.org

Steve Matthews
Department Head (K-12)
Email: matthewss@mpsct.org

Yvonne Kitchel
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-638-1430
Email: kitchely@mpsct.org

Richard Cordaway
Director (PreK-12) 
Email: cordawayr@mpsct.org

Yvonne Daniels
Supervisor (6-12) 
Email: danielsy@mpsct.org

Andrés Alphonso Mohammed
World Languages
Department Head (6-12) 
Email: alphonsoa@mpsct.org

Elizabeth Mancini
Social Studies
Department Head (6-12) 
Email: mancinie@mpsct.org

Elizabeth Tavares
English Learner
Department Head (K-12) 
Email: tavarese@mpsct.org

Jennifer Larson
Coordinator (PreK) 
Email: larsonj@mpsct.org

Farah Scala
Department Head (K-12)
Email: scalaf@mpsct.org