Commended Students in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program

The text below was extracted from a letter that the National Merit Scholarship Program sent to MHS Principal Colleen Weiner in September 2022.

We are very pleased to notify you that each senior named on the enclosed list is a Commended Student in the 2023 National Merit® Scholarship Program. Commended Students are being recognized for the exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the qualifying test used for program entry. They will not, however, continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships to be offered next spring. 

34,000 high performers are now being named Commended Students based on a national Selection Index score of 207, applicable to all program participants without regard to state-by-state distribution. Participants who scored at or above the Commended Student Selection Index score, but below their state or selection unit's Semifinalist Selection Index score, are Commended Students. 

We are very proud of these three students. Kudos to you three!

The students in the photo are Shrikar Seshadri, Mary Torgerson, and Natalie Forno. They are joined by MHS Principal Colleen Weiner.

(Thank you, Ms. Newman for this story submission!)